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Welcome to DeemakRoko Termite Treatment Service .We specialize in keeping Termites away from your property. As soon as you make contact, our team springs into action, conducting a thorough assessment of the situation. Once the assessment is complete and the treatment plan is in place, we remain by your side, offering ongoing support and guidance. Moreover, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond just addressing the immediate termite treatment. We focus on long-term prevention, employing strategies to keep termites away.

In essence, when termites threaten your home or business, DeemakRoko Termite Treatment Service is your reliable partner. With our expertise, dedication, and focus on effective solutions, we strive to provide you with peace of mind and a termite-free environment.

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Our Works in Jodhpur include clients like  BR Birla public school, Lakshmi Devi Mundra public school, Aishwarya college of education Jodhpur, Jodhpur National University, The blue City Mall , Ashapurna Mall , Umaid bhawan palace , lords in Jodhpur , Medicals hospital , Shree ram hospital.

Termite treatment offer

USP Of Our Service

gold medal for termite control

India's First Termite Focused company.

High Quality termite treatment

23 Quality Parameters

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Termite RootCause Elimination.

Affordable termite treatment

Affordable Pricing

Expert in Termite treatment

Consistent Results since 13 Years.

termite treatment warranty

Multi Year Warranty

Our Termite Control Services

anti termite piping treatment

Termite Pipes For New Construction
Jindagi Bhar - Zero Deemak Fikar !

Highly Recommended.
Popular Choice.

1. Permanent Life Time Protection from Termites.
2. No Future Maintenance Needed.
3. Very Affordable Prices.
4. Super-fast Recharging.
5. Compatible to all Construction Designs...Read More

Current Offer : 12% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment

Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment
Deemak Jad Se Khatam !

Most Purchased.
Most Popular For Prevention.

1. Jad se Deemak ka Safaya - Rootcause Solution. ( Colony Elimination Technique).
2. Recommended for Reconstruction/Remodeling/Redesigning of Home.
3. Integrated Method (Wall, Furniture, Soil and Pipe) - Assures 2X Protection instead of Traditional Protection.
4. MultiYear Warranty.
5. Totally Affordable Prices.
6. Free Inspection Visit...Read More

Current Offer : 8% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

Soil Termite Treatment

Soil Treatment
Pehle Din Se Suraksha !

Time Tested.

1. Traditionally most Proven Process.
2. Multi Year Plus Warranty.
3. Applicable for all type ground based Construction.
4. IS6313 Recommended.
5. Residual effect Method.
6. Affordable Prices...Read More

Current Offer : 5% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

porous pipes refill service

Termite Pipes Refill Service

Recharge Your Defenses.

1. Superfast Recharging.
2. Zero Chemical Smell.
3. 30 minutes me kaam Khatam!
4. Post Refill Warranty.
5. Custom Packages Available...Read More

Current Offer : 8% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

anti termite spot treatment

Spot Treatment

* Spot Treatment For One Time Solution.

1. Quick Treatment.(Small Scale)
2. Only limited to single Furniture (Does not Cover entire Home).
3. Recommended if termites found in external furniture.
4. Oil Based Solution...Read More

Current Offer : NIL

Termite Treatment Inspection

Inspection And Consultation Visit

1. Prevention Report.
2. Deep Assessment
3. Custom Treatment Plan
4. Free of Cost...Read More

Our Customers' Thumbs-Up Moments

Pillars Behind 100% Results of Our Termite Treatment

A. Root Cause Solution – Termite Colony Elimination Technique.

B. Integrated Approach– Combination of treatments are designed for giving a 360 degree solution (Wall + Soil + Furniture + Piping + Structural Precautions). 

C. Root cause  Assessment Inspection prior to service.

D. Post Service Audit based on 23 Quality Parameters. 

E. Priority Post Service Support.

Check How This Jodhpur Resident Saved His Home Not Just From Termites But Also From A Life Threat.

Mr. Manoj Sinha never imagined that a tree can cause unthinkable destruction due to termites. Fortunately Deemak Roko team who was working in a house adjacent to Mr. Sinha spotted the old tree getting infected from termites during their inspection before termite treatment. Termites had set up a satellite colony at the old tree consuming its life. The problem was that the tree was tilted towards Mr Sinha’s house.

It was a certain that strong winds or other weather conditions could have lead to the falling of tree on Mr Sinha’s house causing damages to home or even life. Thankfully the problem was recognised beforehand and suitable termite treatment was done for the tree. That tree was eventually shifted to a new location with the help of Amritsar municipality.

So termites can create challenges from unexpected directions and hence proper safety should always be ensured. If you find termites nearby your house then your house is definitely on the radar of termites.

To discuss your situation further you can connect with us by call or whatsapp using icons below

Simple Service Life Cycle of Our Termite Treatment

It’s simple! You just make a call on our phone numbers given below or fill the form or just WhatsApp Us.

1. Booking service:

The process begins by booking a service via call, WhatsApp

2. Inspection Visit of Termite Treatment Team:

A professional team will inspect your property to assess the severity of the termite infestation and finalize a treatment plan based on the findings.

3. Technician Team Visit:

A technician team will visit your property and carry out the treatment step by step in accordance with IS 6313 and 23 internal standards.

4. Post Work Audit:

After the treatment, a post-work audit will be conducted to ensure that the termites have been eliminated and that the treatment has been effective.

5. Awarding Warranty Certificate of Termite Treatment:

Upon successful completion of the treatment and post-work audit, a warranty certificate will be awarded to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment.

6. Feedback Follow-Ups:

To ensure customer satisfaction, feedback follow-ups will be conducted to address any concerns or issues that may have arisen during the treatment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Termites, sometimes called “white ants,” live in big underground colonies. Each colony has different types of termites, like workers and soldiers, led by a queen. They send out scouts to find wood nearby. These pests get into homes through the soil and walls. Once inside, they munch on wood and other stuff made of cellulose, causing a lot of damage. So, preventing termites is super important.

1.Post-construction termite treatment

It is for getting rid of termites in buildings that already exist. They drill holes in the walls near the ground and fill them with water-based chemicals that kill termites. The walls soak up these chemicals, which helps kill any termites hiding inside. After that, they cover up the holes to match the wall’s texture. They also spray furniture with oil-based chemicals to kill any termites there.

2.Pre-construction termite treatment

It for stopping termites from getting into new buildings. They set up a smart system of pipes under the foundation. These pipes can be filled with water-based chemicals whenever needed to create a barrier against termites. This keeps your home safe from termites for a long time.

A thorough termite inspection is crucial for understanding how much damage termites have caused and how bad the infestation is. Professional inspectors check the property’s condition and find areas where termites might attack. This inspection helps create a plan to get rid of termites and stop them from coming back.

After getting rid of termites, homeowners need to do some things to stop them from returning. This might mean having regular inspections, fixing any moisture or structural problems quickly, and taking good care of the property. Teaching homeowners about things like keeping firewood away from the house or using materials that termites don’t like can also help prevent termites in the long run.

The price can change depending on a few things, like how bad the termite problem is, how big the property is, and which treatment method you pick. It’s important for homeowners to think about the money they might lose if they don’t treat the termites. Knowing how pricing works, whether it’s based on the size of the property or bundled deals, can help homeowners choose the right treatment for them without breaking the bank.

Termites have various entry points into homes, such as cracks in the foundation, utility lines, or even wooden materials brought onto the property.

While DIY methods might provide short-term relief, opting for professional termite control is typically essential for thorough eradication and long-term control effectiveness.

The duration varies depending on factors such as the level of infestation and the chosen treatment method. This can range from just a few hours to several days.

While chemicals used in termite control are regulated and considered safe when applied by trained professionals following label instructions, it’s crucial to adhere to any recommended precautions.

Regular termite inspections are essential, occurring at least once a year, to catch early signs of infestation and promptly address them.

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Termite treatment offer
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