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Welcome to DeemakRoko

Your Trusted Partner in Termite Control! DeemakRoko is the leading termite solutions specialist company with over 10 years of experience in the field. Our team of highly trained and qualified Technicians is backed by expert biologists and structural engineers.

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Our Termite Control Services

Pre contruction
Post Construction

Termite Solutions Offered By DeemakRoko

Anti termite

Termite Pipes For New Construction
Jindagi Bhar - Zero Deemak Fikar !

Highly Recommended.
Popular Choice.

1. Permanent Life Time Protection from Termites.
2. No Future Maintenance Needed.
3. Very Affordable Prices.
4. Super-fast Recharging.
5. Compatible to all Construction Designs...Read More

Current Offer : 12% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

Post Construction

Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment
Deemak Jad Se Khatam !

Most Purchased.
Most Popular For Prevention.

1. Jad se Deemak ka Safaya - Rootcause Solution. ( Colony Elimination Technique).
2. Recommended for Reconstruction/Remodeling/ Redesigning of Home.
3. Integrated Method (Wall, Furniture, Soil and Pipe) - Assures 2X Protection instead of Traditional Protection.
4. MultiYear Warranty.
5. Totally Affordable Prices.
6. Free Inspection Visit...Read More

Current Offer : 8% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

soil treatment

Soil Treatment
Pehle Din Se Suraksha !

Time Tested.

1. Traditionally most Proven Process.
2. Multi Year Plus Warranty.
3. Applicable for all type ground based Construction.
4. IS6313 Recommended.
5. Residual effect Method.
6. Affordable Prices...Read More

Current Offer : 5% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

Porus Pipes

Termite Pipes Refill Service

Recharge Your Defenses.

1. Superfast Recharging.
2. Zero Chemical Smell.
3. 30 minutes me kaam Khatam!
4. Post Refill Warranty.
5. Custom Packages Available...Read More

Current Offer : 8% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

spraying service

Spot Treatment

Spot Treatment For One Time Solution.

1. Quick Treatment.(Small Scale)
2. Only limited to single Furniture (Does not Cover entire Home).
3. Recommended if termites found in external furniture.
4. Oil Based Solution...Read More

Current Offer : NIL

inspection based termite treatment

Inspection And Consultation Visit

1. Prevention Report.
2. Deep Assessment
3. Custom Treatment Plan
4. Free of Cost...Read More

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India's First Termite Focused company.


23 Quality Parameters


Termite RootCause Elimination.


Affordable Pricing


Consistent Results since 13 Years.


Multi Year Warranty

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