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If you have detected or suspect the presence of termites at your home or premise then you should not just spray termite chemical at the infected furniture but should also get a Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment service to get rid of termites completely. Meanwhile, you can also directly book termite Spraying service for your home by reaching us through WhatsApp or call from the icons below this page. 👇

Let’s See How Can A Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment Service Gets Rid Of Termites In The House?

1. How termite attack takes place?

To understand termite attack we have to first know that termites live in a very well organised underground colony which is within 100m radius of your house. This colony regularly sends termite scouts to discover any source of wood nearby for the colony.

Upon finding source of furniture in your home termites can create multiple tunnels to their underground colony beginning from your furniture to transfer pieces of wooden furniture to the termite colony.

2. What Is The Logic Behind Termite Treatment By Drill Fill Seal Spraying Service?

These termite routes pass through the walls of the house. Hence, if we can create a chemical based termite barrier in the walls then all the termites entering our home can be stopped. This way all our furniture and home will be protected from termites. But wait there is further more science behind the scenes.

3. Can termites find alternate way to your house if blocked by termite barrier in the wall?

Yes, termites have survival instincts so upon detecting problem at one of the routes termites will completely abandon that route and figure out some other new alternative route to the target furniture.

But the chemical spray used by Deemak Roko team is Non repellent in nature so termites will not easily detect the chemical and they will continue entering home. In this process they will come in contact with the chemical barrier and shall get infected by the same. Also termites will carry back the chemical to their underground colony and will infect other members of the colony also during feeding and nurturing other termites.

Hence, the entire termite colony will get infected and will collapse thereby giving your home complete termite protection.

4. How Long Can This Termite Barrier Protect Home From Termite Attacks?

This depends upon multiple factors like moisture, soil type etc. However the termite barriers can last upto 5 years. So it is important to frequently renew the chemical based termite barrier.

5. What Are The Stages Of Drill Fill Seal Termite Spraying Service?

Drill fill seal service involves three stages. In first stage Deemak Roko team will first conduct detailed inspection of your home to assess the overall damage by the termites as well as to also formulate a customised termite treatment plan for your home.

In second stage Deemak Roko team starts by spot treatment of all the furniture attacked by termite. Also the team will remove termite mud tubes in walls and other visible areas. After this Deemak Roko technicians will drill holes in the wall at 1-1 feet distance each.

In third stage these holes at skirting level of the wall will then be filled with water based termite killer chemical. The wall will absorb this chemical by capillary action. After filling the holes with termite killer chemical the holes will be closed back as per the texture of the walls. All the furniture of the house will also be similarly Spray treated by oil based termite killer chemical.

After completion of Spraying for Termites our quality analyst will audit the work as per quality parameters and on successful completion of work you will be given a termite warranty certificate.

6. Are there any precautions to take post termite Spraying service ?

It is important that there is no moisture related problem in the home because moisture can dilute the chemical barrier and hence the effect of the chemical barrier will get diminished. You should also remove any wood or wooden debris which is in touch with the exterior wall of the house.

7. How much is the cost of Drill Fill Seal Termite treatment service?

This depends on many parameters like the location, size, soil type etc. But in general you can get termite treatment in a 2 BHK or 3 BHK within a budget of 10,000 rupees.

8. What is the cost of Termite Spraying treatment service?

Termite Spraying treatment may cost anywhere between rupees 700 to rupees 2000 per article depending on the type of premises as well as the time and chemicals required to treat every article.

9. Are the chemicals used in termite Spraying service harmful?

The chemicals used for Spraying by Deemak Roko team are certified by BIS and Greenpro and hence do not cause any harmful effect on humans and pets after treatment is over. There are no fumes or foul pungent smell of Deemak Roko chemical. You can always ask for MSDS report from the technicians.

10. What is the warranty period for drill fill seal termite treatment service?

Depending on the assessment done by Deemak Roko team you can get warranty of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years. The Deemak Roko team will notify you of the same before starting the treatment at your home. Post treatment You will get a digital as well as a physical warranty certificate which you can be use anytime within the warranty period.

10. What is the warranty period for termite Spraying service?

Since there is no chemical barrier installation for long term protection from termites, Deemak Roko team gives atmost 6 months of warranty on service of spraying for termites depending on the type of article as well as the overall ecosystem for termites to thrive. It is recommended to get drill fill scene service for long term protection from termites rather than only spot spraying for termites.


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