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Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world, causing billions of dollars in damage to property each year. They are especially common in Jaipur, India, due to the warm climate and humid weather conditions.

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Types of termite treatment services in Jaipur:

  1. Spraying for termites—Instant Spot Treatment
  2. Anti-Termite Piping System for New Construction
  3. Soil treatment For Termites
  4. Preventive anti-termite inspection-based Treatment
  5. Termite Reticulation System Refill Service for Porous pipes
  6.  Termite Inspection and Consultation Visit
Best Termite Trestment Company: Deemak Roko

Avoid This Costly Mistake Before Getting A Termite Treatment in Jaipur

Tip: Don’t Experiment With Local Methods To Get Rid Of Termites Because It Will Aggravate The Situation

A lot of people in Jaipur tend to do this mistake. As soon as they detect termite infestation in their furniture or home they start termite treatment by experimenting with different local methods involving certain liquids and oils to protect from further damages in home without understanding the root cause of the problem.

These termite control experiments further aggravate the situation as after applying local methods, termites might temporary leave the furniture but you would start finding damages in other furnitures in different portions of your home. This way termite problem unnecessarily gets aggravated causing way more damage and harm to your home and pocket.

The reason behind this aggravation is that upon finding challenges at one source, termites start looking for other safer source near to the old source. These termites keep looking until they find a new nearby source because the routes and tunnels from their colony to your house have already been built.

Building new routes in some other direction will take much more time and effort. Hence your house always remains vulnerable to consistent termite attacks until and unless the colony which is the actual root cause of termites at your home is permanently treated.

These instances are regular with most of the people trying their luck to get rid of termites without proper understanding of termite Control. Hence termite treatments are a job of experienced professionals backed with scientific methods to permanently give you a solution.

Preparations Before Starting Termite Control Services In Jaipur

Tip: Cover Eatables, Keep Precautions For Allergic People And Pets And Get Extra Helping Hand For Shifting.

Different type of termite treatments require different preparations. Here we will focus on preparations required before taking a termite treatment in post construction premises. Although the Anti Termite chemicals that are used are GreenPro certified and safe to use. However, still it is important that all the eatable items are covered properly to avoid contamination. Also all patients, pets and old people specially those who are allergic to chemicals should take precautionary measures to avoid any discomfort.

During Termite Control the technicians will require access to the walls for drilling purpose and hence furniture and interior articles could be shifted. Therefore extra helping hands for shifting as well as cleaning would be required during as well as post Termite Treatment.

Ensure You Get These Two Things From Your Termite Control Experts In Jaipur

Tip: Get MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet), Dilution Sheet and Warranty Certificate.

First to ensure use of right chemical in right ratio you should always ask for MSDS and dilution sheet of the chemicals that are to be used during termite treatment. This is most important because if right dilution is not used then right results won’t be achieved and there will always be a fear of return of termites.

Secondly, you should also ask for warranty certificate to ensure proper support in case of any re infestation due to any reason post the treatment.

How Deemak Roko Assures 100% Solution Of Your Termite Problem in Jaipur?

Tip: Get Detailed termite inspection followed by Customised treatment Plan and Then Audit of Work Done

Termite treatments are not a standard product because every home and every premises has its own unique requirements. It takes a detailed approach to customise termite control for each home’s requirement. Following reasons give a brief understanding of our customized approach to solve problem of each unique home:

  • REASON 1: A successful inspection of the property before starting Termite Control Treatment is the key for an effective result of termite treatment. This termite inspection will tell you important information like why the problem is occurring at your home, from where the termites are coming, how much damage has been done, precautionary steps needed and how to design an affective plan to contain the threat of termites.

  • REASON 2: Based on the findings of inspection a combination of treatments are designed for giving a 360 degree solution for your home to ensure a longer term of safety from termites. All the stages and steps are defined and shall be shared and discussed with you. Accordingly all preparations before the treatments shall be made.

  • REASON 3: Post the termite treatment work is done, our quality managers shall audit the work done as per the quality parameters of team Deemak Roko. If any corrections are required then corrections shall be done and post successful audit you shall be issued a warranty certificate.

  • REASON 4 : Finally as per the requirements of your unique home you will be given a list of further precautions needed to keep the termites at bay. Deemak Roko experts will later reach you back for any free inspections and advisory as post successful termite control work you shall be an esteemed member of the our Jaipur community and therefore your property can always avail free inspections, free consultations and discounts on your new family properties as well.

This One Reason Makes Companies And Residents Trust On Team Deemak Roko for Termite Treatment in Jaipur

Our Post treatment service and care approach and our assured results empower our customers to be mentally at peace regarding termites as well as to trust us for protection of properties of their family and friends.

How This Doctor Couple From Jaipur Escaped Life Threatening Situation Of Termites

It was a scary evening for doctor Goyal as the celebration of their daughter’s birthday could have turned into a tragedy.

Dr. Goyal is a government doctor residing in Jaipur. It was more than 2 years since they shifted to their new family home in Jaipur with their family. It was their daughter’s birthday and hence the doctor couple planned a small celebratory function with friends and relatives at their home.

All was going well with dance and music until the wooden designer roof suddenly fell with a loud bang, seriously injuring the house help and barely missing the doctor couple. The roof collapsed because the wooden pillars supporting the roof were internally damaged by termites. Imagine the horror and embarrassment the doctor couple went through that day.

Team Deemak Roko assessed the situation and found that the termites were using an underground PVC pipe coupled with moisture laden wall to gain entry to home. Necessary termite treatments were done post that and till date Goyal family is one of our esteemed regular customer.

There are many such instances where termites caused unimaginable harm to families. So Never Ignore The Needs Of Home For Protection From Termites.

Our Jaipur Termite Control Works

Deemak roko has been active in Jaipur since 2018. Within a span of a few years we have generated great trust and support from Jaipurites.

Our Jaipur Clientele

Our Termite control Works in Jaipur includes clients like Iconic Chokhi Dhani, Manipal Hospitals, Mahavir cancer Hospital, Rajasthan hospital limited, Mayur Uniquoters, Kanha group properties, Kothari group properties, Manglam group properties and many more. 

We have also had the fortune of working for termite treatment projects of esteemed architects from Jaipur like that of Mr. Anoop Bartaria and many more.

Services offered in Jaipur

Service life cycle by Deemak Roko team in Jaipur

It’s simple! You just make a call on our phone numbers given below or fill the form or just WhatsApp Us. 

Our Deemak Roko executive will understand your termite control requirements and arrange for an expert visit at your site.

The termite control expert will properly assess your home, explain you the process and accordingly a termite treatment quote shall be shared by our executive with you over the mail. 

Upon your confirmation, you will get a mail of the entire process, timelines and the profile of the team that shall come at your home to execute the work. You will also get all the details on WhatsApp and verbally too

The Deemak Roko team shall arrive at your home on the mentioned time and complete the termite treatment work.

After the termite control work is completed, you shall get the completion letter as well as a termite protection warranty certificate post work audit by our Quality analyst.

And finally your home is Termite protected.

Here is the list of main localities where the Deemak Roko team is popular with customers:

  • Termite Treatment in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur
  • Termite Treatment in Malviya nagar, Jaipur
  • Termite control in Mansarovar, Jaipur
  • Termite Treatment in C Scheme, Jaipur
  • Termite Treatment in Raja Park, Jaipur
  • Termite control in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur 
  • Termite Treatment in Jhotwara, Jaipur
  • Termite Control in Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur


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