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When you live in a place like Kota, you know that the warm and often humid climate creates an ideal environment for termites to thrive. These silent invaders can wreak havoc on your property, causing substantial structural damage if left unchecked. That’s where Team DeemakRoko comes in, your trusted termite control company in Kota, dedicated to safeguarding your home and investments.

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Types of termite treatment services in Kota:

  1. Spraying for termites—Instant Spot Treatment
  2. Anti-Termite Piping System for New Construction
  3. Soil treatment For Termites
  4. Preventive anti-termite inspection-based Treatment
  5. Termite Reticulation System Refill Service for Porous pipes
  6.  Termite Inspection and Consultation Visit
Best Termite Trestment Company: Deemak Roko

Termites are among the most destructive pests globally, and Kota is no exception to their presence. With the increasing urbanization and diverse construction projects, Kota has witnessed a rise in termite infestations. The termite issue is not something to be taken lightly, as it can lead to costly property repairs and a decrease in property value.

How Does DeemakRoko Assure a 100% Solution to Your Termite Problem in Kota?

Tip: Detailed Inspection based customised termite treatment followed by Post work Audit gives maximum results because every home has unique needs.

Simply because we give assured results. Each month 100s of Kota citizens from apartments at golf course road to lanes of palam vihar call Team Deemak Roko for their termite pest control needs. Our assured termite treatment results are based on four pillars:

Pillar 1:
Before starting any termite treatment, it is important to perform a detailed inspection which can assist you in understanding what attracted termites to your home, the routes termites took to enter your home, the source of termites, the overall damages that termites have done to your home, how a customized termite treatment plan can be made as per requirements of your home, and finally the precautions required for long term termite protection at your home.

Pillar 2:
Based on the detailed termite inspection a customised termite treatment plan is made as per the design and requirement of your home. This involves a combination of securing all the furniture and interiors, creating termite barriers involves and external periphery, treating garden and much more.

Pillar 3:
Once the work is completed as per the customised plan a Post work audit shall be done by quality manager to ensure that there are no gaps left in the treatment plan. Any corrections will be made and post successful audit you would be given a warranty certificate assuring of 100% solution to your termite problem.

Pillar 4:
Post termite control work in kota, you shall become our customer community’s esteemed member and hence all the benefits of esteemed member like free inspection, free consultation, discounts on further termite treatments of your family and friend’s homes in gurgaon shall be applicable. Keeping your properties free of termites shall be our responsibility.

Avoid this Costly Mistake before getting termite treatment in Kota. Read Below to get full information.

1. Don't Experiment with Local Solutions:

Tip: Never try experimenting with local Anti Termite treatment methods as it will aggravate the situation

Upon detecting termites at home a lot of people try experimenting with different termite control ways to prevent further damages by using local chemicals or oils. These DIY termite control attempts may temporarily give relief but soon you would notice that termites start appearing at other portions of your home also. This is because upon finding obstacles at one source of wood termites start searching for other nearby sources and upon finding successful source they start damaging the same too. Thus more furniture starts getting damaged.

This is because termites have already created multiple tunnels and routes from their colony leading to your home and hence they will be encouraged to find maximum sources at your home rather than all going back to the colony and tunneling to some other direction from their colony.

This is the reason that termite pest control can get complex and require to be professionally dealt with involving proven scientific termite treatment methods to get rid of termites permanently.

2. Ensure You Get These 3 Things Done For Sure By Your Kota Termite Treatment Experts

Tip: Detailed Inspection Copy, Safety Data of Chemical with Dilution Ratio and Warranty Certificate are a must.

Firstly, you should always get a detailed inspection copy mentioning all the details of the infestation as well as a customised plan involving combination of permit treatment to keep all the termites away from your home.

Secondly, you should also ask for MSDS and dilution ratio sheet to ensures usage of right chemical in right concentration so that you get effective treatment results without any safety hazard.

Finally you should also get a warranty certificate post successful audit of the termite treatment service at your premises.

Clients Who Believe In Us

We have had the opportunity to serve major companies of Kota like Oyo, Zomato, Policy bazzar, Rivigo, Delhivery as well as international companies like American express , IBM, Nestle, Mark and Spencers, Adidas and many more.

Be it an apartment, a villa, a farmhouse, your office, shop, warehouse, commercial space, factory or an upcoming construction project of Kota, we secure everything from end to end by customising Termite control as per the need of your premise in Kota.

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To help you protect your property, we are offering an exclusive Rs. 800 discount. This offer is valid for a limited time, until 25th November, 2023.

For a more in-depth discussion about your termite concerns or to schedule a free inspection, don’t hesitate to connect with us through our contact icons below.

Protect your property from termite damage. Choose Team DeemakRoko, your trusted partner in termite control in Kota.

Frequently Asked Questions

Termites are social insects that live in an organized underground soil colony. They are
referred to as “white ants” due to their similar appearance to ants. Each colony has millions
of termites with different roles like worker termites, soldier termites, nymphs, etc. Each
colony is led by a queen termite. This colony consistently sends termite scouts to look for
wood in nearby areas. Termites enter your home through the soil foundation and then use
the walls. Termites feed on wood and other cellulose-based materials. Termites can cause
significant damage to buildings, furniture, and other wooden structures by consuming the

1. Post-construction termite treatment is used to eliminate termite infestations in existing
buildings. It involves drilling holes at the skirting level of the wall, which will then be filled with
water-based termite killer chemicals. The wall will absorb this chemical through capillary
action. After filling the holes with termite killer chemical, the holes will be closed back as per
the texture of the walls. All the furniture in the house will also be similarly spray-treated with
an oil-based termite killer chemical.

2. Pre-construction Termite treatment is used to prevent termite infestations in new buildings.
It involves installing a smart network of porous pipes laid at the foundation level so that the
soil-based termite barrier can be renewed with chemicals from time to time by simply filling
the porous pipes with water-based termite chemicals. This way, a strong termite barrier can
be maintained for a long time, and your home practically gets rid of termites forever

Thorough termite inspection is a key step in determining the extent of termite damage and
the level of infestation. Professional inspectors assess the condition of the property and
identify vulnerable areas prone to termite attack. This assessment helps develop a tailored
treatment plan to effectively eradicate termites and prevent future infestations.
Long-term Prevention Strategies
After termite treatment, homeowners must implement preventive measures to reduce the
likelihood of future infestations. These may include regular inspections, prompt repairs of
any moisture or structural issues, and proper maintenance of the property. Educating
homeowners on termite-resistant practices, such as storing firewood away from the house or
using termite-resistant building materials, can significantly contribute to long-term prevention.

The cost of termite treatment varies based on factors such as the level of infestation, the
size of the property, and the treatment method chosen. Homeowners should consider the
long-term financial implications of untreated termite infestation when evaluating treatment
costs. Understanding pricing structures, which may involve per-square-foot rates or package
deals, helps homeowners make informed decisions based on their specific needs and

Termites can enter homes through cracks in the foundation, utility lines, or even on wooden
materials brought into the property.

DIY methods may offer temporary relief, but professional termite treatment is usually
necessary for thorough eradication and effective long-term control.

The duration of termite treatment varies depending on the level of infestation and the chosen
treatment method. It can range from a few hours to several days

Chemicals used in termite control are regulated and safe when applied by trained
professionals according to label instructions. However, it is important to follow any
recommended precautions.

Regular termite inspections should be conducted at least once a year to detect early signs of
infestation and address them promptly.


Protecting your home from the devastating effects of termite infestation is a priority for homeowners in Kota. By understanding the threat of termites, recognizing the signs of infestation, and implementing timely and effective termite treatment, homeowners can ensure the long-lasting integrity and value of their properties. Investing in professional termite treatment, implementing preventive measures, and exploring eco-friendly alternatives
all contribute to the goal of banishing termites and transforming your home into a fortress against infestation